The Exceptional Child Program (ECP) services students in grades 2-8. Students work on learning activities styled to encourage higher level thinking skills; become more independent learners; evaluate their own work; and develop leadership qualities. To achieve these goals, we use the following strands: Research; Communication; Thinking Skills; Affective; Creativity; Problem Solving; Resource Technologies.

Class schedules
2nd grade: Tues., Wed. and Thursday afternoons
3rd grade: Tues. 7:50-10:00, 10:50-11:15
4th grade: Wed. 8:00-10:30
5th grade: Thurs. 8:40-11:15
6th grade: Mon. 1st & 2nd hours, Fri. 5th & 6th hours
7th grade: Mon. 3rd & 4th hours, Fri. 1st & 2nd hours
8th grade: Mon. 6th & 7th hours, Fri. 3rd & 4th hours

Enrichment Classes are offered for Kdgn. and 1st grade students as recommended by teachers. Students meet 1 hour a week. 1st grade begins after the 1st quarter and Kdgn. begins after the 1st semester.

Mrs. Batts